I need more Listings… Mine are all Sold!

I am happy to announce that for me, houses have been flying off the self. Don’t beleive what the papers say, the real estate market in Ottawa is very healthy. If a house is presented properly to the market, it will sell right away. People think I have some kind of secret. I don’t!! It is just that simple. Presentation and price are the keys. It isn’t rocket science.

Preparing a house for the market is the most important strategy for winning in todays market. It takes planning, effort, time and probably some money. If properly done the payoff on the investment made, is a fast sale, very little inconvenience and a top dollar selling price.

No one lives in a house the way it needs to look when it goes on the market. Over the years we all collect things and we hardly even notice. When we live in a house for a number of years, we have a hard time to being objective. It takes a fresh set of eyes to see the house the way others will see it, rather than as our home.

Even thought I do this work for people selling homes all the time, I know I would need to have help with my own home. Sometimes people resist and say… I don’t want to do this or that, to get the house ready. I really try hard to coach them to do the things we recommend. I know the huge difference it can make. It is sometimes tempting for me to just agree and to list the house as it is. I have learned over and over again by looking at other houses, that are not well presented, it is a costly mistake… so I pretty much insist. 🙂

I never get people to do anything or spend any money unless I am positive, it will give them a 150% return or more. I wish I could get that kind of return on my investments. LOL!

Thank for listening to my Rant for today!

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